Wascally Wabbit Twail

I guess it started with an episode of The Pink Panther. That blue aardvark must have put the song in my head: I found myself humming an old Sesame Street tune. I couldn’t remember more than the first line. I’m an aardvark, and I’m proud…

YouTube came to my rescue.

On the YouTube page, there was a link to the clip where the orange is rolling around the kitchen, and stuff flies out of drawers to become its face: the rubber-band mouth, the mop hair. Naturally, the second the orange has a complete face, it sings an aria from Carmen. That’s what fruit secretly lives for, you know: the chance to perform opera. Every orange is a secret diva.

Of course after that we had to watch The Rabbit of Seville and Kill the Wabbit. Ain’t YouTube swell?

(Speaking of YouTube, Sandra Dodd has just posted a page with clips of an Animaniacs geography song. The words are the names of every country in the world. One clip shows the countries on a map; the other shows flags. Cool! Other neat stuff on that page too.)

5 thoughts on “Wascally Wabbit Twail”

  1. We were telling our 7-year-old about Victor Borge’s phonetic punctuation, so we You Tubed him, and had lots of laughs watching him perform with Dean Martin and Bob Dog from the Muppets (no, not in the same clip – now THAT would be funny – fshhh pt!)

  2. Just for the record, the Animaniacs’ song is out of date (unfortunately). Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia no longer exist and most of the countries from the break-up of the USSR are not mentioned. (and Israel is spelled wrong!) Sigh… Maybe Speilberg will re-do the Animaniacs show….

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