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Lookie What I Made

Just please, please don't look too closely. My stitching is
deplorable. I really cannot manage to sew a straight seam to save my
life. Scott says he likes to listen to me sew because of the inanities
that come out of my mouth while I bungle the job… "Son of a
b…utternut squash!"

Anyway, here's my little diaper case, and yes, I am inordinately
proud. It holds a couple of diapers and a travel wipes container.

I followed this pattern at Blessed Roots. I don't know how to use my machine's buttonholer, so I made the little strap instead. And I left off the wristlet strap.

This was the practice model. I'm itching to try again with some beeyooteeful scrap fabric sent to me by a most indulgent and kindhearted chum.
I think I'll make the top flap smaller this time. The pattern allows a
flap big enough that the diaper case could, in theory, double as a
changing pad, but that would only work while baby is very small. I'd rather use a blanket.

Sewing for Children: Reviews to Come

I’ve been putting together a series of reviews of instructional sewing materials aimed at kids. Before I start posting them, I thought I’d ask for suggestions of other books or resources to include.

Here are the ones I’ll be reviewing (so far):

Simple Sewing (a Klutz book)

Mary Frances Sewing Book

Stitches and Pins: A Beginning Sewing Book for Girls

Sewing with St. Anne

Sewing Machine Fun (3 volumes)

Any others I should take a look at?

Sew Sewmachfun

    Maryfrances_2 Stitchesandpins_4