Saturday Snapshots

A few peeks from our week…


Guess whose big sisters got hold of him? He may have the villainous beard, but they’re the ones with nefarious purposes.


Rilla needed a sling to match mommy’s. Mine, by the way, is now serving its sixth baby! I’ve had it since Jane was a bairn.


I am in love with this sweet dolly. Jane made her for Rilla, totally by herself. I want a big sister like Jane.

(Psst DHM and Mama Squirrel, thanks for reminding us of our dear Miss Suzy! Rilla had not met her yet…)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots”

  1. Dear Melissa,
    I could not believe seeing this post of yours. Our son is 33 years old and his favorite book was Miss Suzy. Somewhere along the way of moves we’ve lost all our “childhood” books but this one always was a favorite. It was so great to see it in the picture. I tried to replace it for our grandaughter but no luck. Glad your children enjoy it too.

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