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Best Worst Fictional Family

006440275401_aa_scmzzzzzzz_The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. This book has been an annual tradition for me since Mrs. Beville read it to my fifth-grade class. Now Scott reads it to our kids, who are slightly better mannered than the obnoxious Herdman crew but just as full of provoking questions. The Herdmans, as unruly a bunch of young hoodlums as ever burned down a neighbor’s shed, have a way of jarring people out of their unexamined ruts, startling them into examining, thinking, noticing—even if only in self-defense. For that, and for their alarming frankness, I adore these foul-mouthed, looting, hooting Herdman kids.

Celebrating My Boys

Today is Wonderboy’s 2nd birthday. In his honor, I shall post a link to everything I’ve blogged about him: All About Wonderboy. (And yes, for my own amusement, I sometimes dress my son like his father. What can I say? It cracks me up. And simultaneously melts me.)

It’s also the birthday of my fabulous and incomparible husband, Scott. The day I met him I went back to my dorm room and raved to my suitemates about the guy who’d been cast as my leading man in the spring play: brilliant, funny, devastatingly good-looking (actually I think what I said was “wicked cute”).

Suitemate: Scott Peterson? I had a class with that guy. He’s really cocky and sarcastic.

Me, dreamily: Yeah, I knooooowwwww…..

One snarky one-liner, and I was his for life.

In his honor, here’s a link to some stuff he’s written about family. (Works best if you scroll to the bottom and read your way up.) He’s way funnier than I am. I am particularly fond of this piece. And this one. Come to think of it, this piece explains just why it is the picture above melts me.

It’s their birthday, but I’m the one who gets the best present. I get to hang out with the two of them every day.

Happy Birthday, guys.

082340403x101_aa_scmzzzzzzz_Today is also the feast day of another guy I happen to be fond of: St. Juan Diego. Here’s our favorite book about him: The Lady of Guadalupe by (guess who) Tomie de Paola. Today’s a good day to rustle up a copy: the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is just around the corner on December 12th.