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A Joke Only an 8-Months-Pregnant Friend Could Make

Yesterday, during Rose's piano class, my cell phone buzzed with the information that Alice
was IMing me. I thumb-tapped back to her: "Hi! Am sitting in piano,"
knowing she'd know that meant I was answering from the phone's tiny
keyboard and she should expect truncated responses to her half of the

"Of course!" she wrote back. "It's the only piece of furniture big enough to hold you!"

I laughed so hard it's a wonder my water didn't break.

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Discovered on the White Board

A notice:

Bitter Lesson 17
from "How to be a baby!"

Don’t hang on the oven door, as it is liable to fall open and hurt you badly.

(For the record: the oven was not turned on at the time of the incident which led to the above words of wisdom; and the only thing "badly" hurt was a toddler’s dignity.)

(As for Bitter Lessons 1-16, I do not know what they are, but I’m told a certain big sister is compiling a book.)

The Down Side of Invulnerability

Overheard, Rose to Jane: "You know why I wouldn’t want to be Supergirl? She can never get her ears pierced!"

(Later, they decided that exposure to Red Kryptonite, just long enough for a needle to pierce the earlobe, would solve the problem—in its presence, Supergirl loses her invulnerability. Such are the weighty topics we discuss over Sunday dinner.)