One Home, Many Hopes

Lifted in toto from Scott’s blog (Scott’s pal DT’s brother is one of the people behind this project):

This is a campaign called “One Home Many Hopes,”
organized to ask people to consider donating $10 in an effort to raise
$20,000 in 30 days.

”One Home Many Hopes” is a charity Jon Tapper, who owns a public
relations firm in Boston called Melwood Global, helped put together
last year after a good friend of his was moved to action by the poverty
he saw in Mtwapa, Kenya.

In short, there is an orphanage, Mudzini Kwetu, which takes care of 35 girls, all of whom were rescued from the Mtwapa streets, where they searched through trash piles for food. Mudzini Kwetu not only gives these girls a home they didn’t previously have, it has also given them a childhood.

So the gist is that we’re trying to raise a lot of money—$20,000—in
tiny donations by November 23. People can become a part of it by
visiting to make a donation, as well as telling friends, families and colleagues about the effort.

They can also visit One Home, Many Hopes to learn more about this amazing organization.

There is absolutely no overhead for this charity—every last penny you give you will go directly to the girls.

Thanks to everyone who considers participating.

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  1. Thanks Lissa, for that link. I think orphanages are so worthy and heartbreaking. I’ll definitely look into that. My dad was an orphan.
    I found this link the other day from an article about little children begging in Kabul, Aschiana is an organization that gives these kids a brief haven from their hard lives.
    love mary

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