My Heart Goes Pitty-Pat

…every time Scott writes about our kids.

I call her name. No reply. Louder. Nothing. The dragon’s got her but
good and who can blame her? Can I really compete with such a wingéd,
scaléd green beast?

I try again and this time she looks up. I make the sign for “car,” and she beams, hops down off the couch.

The earth’s rotation wavers slightly from the sheer beauty of her in motion.

Hard-of-Hearing Kid Posts

Still trying to tidy up my archives. Here are the most substantive posts I’ve written about Wonderboy’s hearing loss:

The Speech Banana (hearing loss diagnosis)

Getting Ear Molds Made
(a photoessay)

Practicing for Hearing Tests
(games to help preschoolers in the sound booth)

Speech Therapy at Home

Visual Phonics

Newborn Hearing Test Advice

Sign Language (how awesome it is)

Learning ASL as a Family

Fun with FM
(heh heh)

Expressive and Receptive Language

It’s Julie Bogart’s Fault I Had Nothing for Poetry Friday

Because it was Julie who introduced me to Scrabulous.

Online Scrabble. Free. You don’t even have to register. Need I say more?

Ah, but I will. Yesterday we had games going back and forth on our two computers: Rose vs. Mom, Jane vs. Mom, Dad vs. Mom. Everyone is out to get me!

There was also a Rose vs. Jane game on the living-room floor, the old-fashioned kind, not the virtual.

Rilla tried to make off with oxen, but we caught her.